Extract from “I am by Gerald Rochelle

This exciting story takes the narrator Royston from terror and confusion into a fantasy world where the awful decision he has to make about whether to keep a promise to his friend is examined in a zany quiz. The philosophical bases for action are revealed by a cast of strange and amusing characters and Royston is finally inspired to choose his path.

The book is published by Not Equal Press and is available in paperback or Kindle format. Details can be found here.

‘Again! says the gunman. ‘We know the one we want is here! Give him up or someone dies! He points the gun down the carriage, levelling it in turn at each passenger. 'Do you want to be responsible for another’s death?’ The gunman holds the younger woman roughly by the hair and points the gun at her head. She pulls against his grip, wriggling frantically, twisting and turning and screaming as loud as she can. ‘Now! Or the girl dies!’


Dmike draws closer to me. He lifts his hand in front of his face and whispers.

‘Royston. It’s me they’re after—'


I don’t know what I’m hearing! I don’t know how I’ve responded.

‘Shh. Keep it low. It’s me. It’s me they're after. You must not give me up.’

‘Dmike. I can’t believe this. What’s going on? This can’t be true. What are you saying?’

I’m trembling all over—shaking.

Shhh. Keep it low, Royston. I’m afraid it is true.’

‘How can you possibly be someone these people are after?’

‘I am’'

‘You can’t be!’

‘I am. You know where I work. Just staring at a screen most of the time. Well, something came up. I came across something that’s been kept secret for years. It’s so important, Royston. Unbelievably important! It would change the way all of us live--our health, our security, our longevity, our happiness. Everything! It sounds incredible, I know. But it’s true. This thing I’ve found would change everyone’s life for the better. Everyone’s! I don’t know who these men are. They want to take me and find out exactly what I know. They’ll torture me, I know that. And when they’ve got from me everything they need, they’ll want me dead. And once they have the secret, God only knows what they’ll do with it. It’s that important, Royston. Please, please. You mustn’t give me up. You must keep your promise. If not, then we could all be lost.'

© Sarah Rochelle 2020