Solo Folk

Soldier's Joy, Speed the Plough and Fairy Dance

Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite 

King of the Faeries and Man of the House 

St Anne’s Reel and Mouth of the Tobique 

Sleep Sound ida Moarnin’ and Miss Spence’s Reel 

Hurlock’s Reel and De’il Among the Tailors 

A Farewell to Joe by R. Dunn

Boys of Bluehill, Harvest Home and Trumpet Hornpipe

Sarah by Max Houliston

PJ Hayes' and Dance of the Honeybees by Charlie Lennon

Miss Rowan Davies by Phil Cunningham

Bushes and Briars This is the first song noted down by R Vaughan Williams in 1903 from Charles Potipher of Brentwood, Essex. It was sung by Isla Cameron for Julie Christie in the film Far From The Madding Crowd.

Da Fashion of Da Delting Lasses

Will Atkinson’s by Tom McConville and Off to California

Hobos Meditation by Jimmie Rogers

Mr Isaac’s Maggot

La Folia and variation

The Rowling Eye

The Hole in the Wall

Old Nolls Jig

Dick’s Maggot

Hare’s Maggot

Mr Beveridge’s Maggot

John Of The Green The Cheshire Way

The Day’s Whim

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