Introducing Gerald Rochelle

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Commonly under this heading people list what they do. If you are asked “What do you do?” it is usual to talk about your job or previous jobs as if that in some way sums up what you are. Although this is true for some, for others it is not. Under this heading it is also usual to give qualifications, functions undertaken, publications, and achievements. I will provide some of these but for me, what we think, our attitudes to the world and ourselves, our views and what we create as individuals are the most important features “about me”. Looking at my publications here will provide the best idea of these for me.

I have a BA (hons) and a PhD in philosophy as well as a Grad Dip and MPhil in theology. I have written a number of philosophical texts on time, general philosophy and philosophical biography. I have written many essays and published many book reviews. I have published fifteen novels (some under a pseudonym). I have taught practical philosophy in many different environments. I am past editor of the journal Practical Philosophy and was for some time chair of the Society for Philosophy in Practice. I am a trained and registered philosophical counsellor.

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