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APLtF is a fantasy novel about the narrator Gerald’s road trip across USA with his friend Socrates (the ancient philosopher) and the hitchhiker Geraldine.

Cold Blood is a novel based on fact, about the monstrous Countess Bathory and her insatiable lust for the blood of young girls.

Blood of the Flock is a dystopic novel, a take on how immortality might not be such a good thing.

Piano People is a novel about obsession as a lonely woman slowly losed her reason.

Saying Goodbye is an account of the author’s experience during the last illness and after the death of his wife Pauline.

Well of Souls is a novel about a scheme to overthrow God.

Beyond Within is a collection of short stories, poems and philosophical reflections.

“I am” is a novel about a serious moral choice. Further details and an extract from the book can be found here.

Aarthur the Aardvaak is a whimsical graphic novel.

Behind Time and Doing Philosophy are academic books published by Routledge.

The Last Day of Socrates is a novel about the ancient Greek philosopher being given a unique last day by gGod as he is enabled to travel with time to perceive scenes that stimulate his philosophically enquiring mind. gGod, a quirky character with somewhat of an obsession with his hairstyle, shares anachronistic insights with him about what he has witnessed.

Eh-Up! Rhyme and Reason: An Alternative Guide to the History of Western Philosophy is a compilation of humourous verses imagining philosophers in everyday situations by Sarah Rochelle and with serious introductions to the philosophers by Gerald Rochelle.

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